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Engineered hardwood floors are made of several layers of plywood or block underneath a veneer top layer of hardwood. These layers create superior plank stability and better behavior in the presence of unstable excesses of dryness and moisture. Engineered hardwood products are terrific for installation through the use of radiant heating.

Engineered hardwood is recommended when you want to update your cottage or basement, or any other areas of your condo or house.

Engineered wood flooring is becoming popular due to its versatility and the sustainability of trees used to make the planks. Because it is an environmentally-conscious product, it’s an excellent choice, given that it only uses 1 ½ mm – 6mm of hardwood, rather than 90mm deep if you are working with solid hardwood planks.

Installing Engineered Hardwood Floors

An engineered wood floor has several installation methods: a floating floor, glue down installation, or even nailed down just like traditional solid hardwood flooring. Although installation can be done DIY, hiring professional installers like the LeviArs specialists will maintain its integrity and warranty.

Durability + Scratch Resistance

Engineered wood flooring is known for its durability, especially when considering the lifespan of the flooring in medium traffic areas. Our professionals estimate that a properly installed engineered floor can last nearly 50 years if the product is maintained responsibly.

Some engineered hardwood options are available with a scratch-resistant finish, but this doesn’t mean that scratches won’t happen. You should pay attention to heavier furniture and use felt pads and also ensure your pets’ nails are trimmed to a healthy length to avoid damaging your new floors.

When choosing flooring for high traffic areas, we recommend textured finishes, as they provide better durability, as opposed to smoother finishes where dents, scratches and imperfections will be easier to see.

Hearth 310x310

Cleaning + Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining engineered wood flooring couldn’t be easier! A broom will do the job, or a vacuum with a soft brush attachment and a mop. First, sweep or vacuum any dust or debris on the surface, and then you can use an approved cleaning agent.

With the routine of a few sprays and regular wipe downs, your engineered wood flooring will retain its original beauty for years to come.

Caution: Avoid using acidic-based products and larger quantities of water, as these will damage the wood.

Engineered Flooring Engineered Flooring Engineered Flooring Engineered Flooring Engineered Flooring Engineered Flooring
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